Leaking of government secrets or what is called classified information can be very dangerous and disastrous for the government and the country as a whole. This danger might include hostility from other nations and even planned attacks. This is what the US is facing after the leaks from Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden is a whistleblower who leaked classified information about the U.S. Government. This information has caused a lot of uproar because it talks about the plans and the view that the US government has over other world countries.

Terrorist attacks.

Terrorists have for ages been a threat to the US. But with the leaks the threat even becomes higher, because the terrorist realized that the government has been using telephone lines to track them. Now the threat is that they might resort to other communication methods that are hard to track and thus the danger of attack is much higher. Edward ought not to have revealed how the CIA uses the phone lines to track terrorist activities.
Re-terriatory Attacks
Re-teriatory attacks are so eminent with the kind of information that was leaked. It is very probable that the countries mentioned in the leaks might find the information being like spying on their governments. This can lead to them looking for ways to fight back by preparing a retaliation by attacking the US. This is very dangerous for the US as a whole because those who are at a danger are the US citizen.snowden

Hostility is unavoidable with the kind of leaks that Edward gave out. The former CIA agent now turned a whistle blower gave information about the way US government spy on some countries and this is not a thing that this nation would take easy. The nations might turn to be hostile to the US a situation that can risk the citizens of the US who are living in those countries. They might be captured and put to captive a situation that is not good for the country and security of the people.
There are lots of security issues that the information this person leaked might course to the country. The few are just a metion of the many other threats the coutry might face. It is clear then that Edward placed the coutry in a more unsafe situation and the security of the coutry is more compromised. The issue is not only a concern for citizen because the same has even been a debate in the parliament. The Prayer of that have is that things do not get too bad