As a mother, I decided it was time to take advantage to take advantage of mothers day and buy myself a number of new gifts “from my children.” Of course they didn’t pay for them, I just decided to take advantage of the situation and get mommy a few new things.

Anywho, this is what I decided to buy and I wanted to share it with you guys and gals.

Non Stick frying pan (trust me you need it!)

I really need a few new pans. With 3 kids, doing the dishes is a lot of work. Finally this time around I decided to invest in a non stick frying pan.  I have to say it has been wonderful, it is so much easier to clean and the food comes out that much nicer. Think about it, who wants to eat food that has been scrapped off a frying pan?frying pan

Crock Pot  (Cook when you’re not even home!)

Holy cow, I had no idea how useful these things are. It basically slow cooks ANYTHING you want. I’ve even been making ribs for my husband. The best part is, since it cooks all day, anything you make comes out really good. Take the ribs for example, the meat just falls off the bone.  Since they have to cook for at least 8 hours, the BBQ sauce just soaks right into them. Really tasty!!

It is not just limited to meat, I make all kinds of soups and sews in them. I never thought I would ever have the chance to reuse my Grandmothers old recipes.   I have to say, this makes them taste even better than I remember!

The best part is that since they cook on such a low setting, you don’t have to watch it all day. I’ll do things like pick up my kids from soccer practice or do some food shopping. Some complain they don’t feel save leaving it on, but I’ve never had any problems. Plus, it doesn’t get that hot.

Electric Knife Sharpener (Just too good to be true!)

As you can image, I do a lot of chopping. I like to make sure my kids get lots of vegetables in their diet.  This means every day I have to spend at least 20-30 minutes cutting away at all types of fruits and veggies. It is not fun, but I love my kids and I want to be healthy.  I suggest you take some time and try to find the best knife sharpener for your needs.  The extra time you spend shopping will really be worth it.

kitchen knife sharpnerI honestly didn’t know how dull my blades were until I went over one of my friend’s house. Once she introduced me to her electric sharpener, I just had to buy one the next day.   Now all my knives are nice and sharp and it makes cutting so much easier. Now all my knives slice right though the toughest meat and chop any fruit or veggie to pieces. I don’t think I could ever go back to using a dull blade after this. Really worth the investment.

That’s all folks!

These are the three things I highly recommend you get for your kitchen, especially if you have kids. If you are only going to get one of the three, I would suggest you get the crock pot. I would say that it is the biggest time saver for me, plus I get to feed my kids great tasting home cooked meals.