The labour party has decided to make an attempt to deal with the issues of reform within the European Union. Currently the freedom of movement states it is impossible to prevent immigrants to coming to the UK and working.   As you may of guessed the opposition is not happy with this ruling and will do everything in their power to prevent this kind of movement.

Ed Miliband said that the labour party has made an error by not imposing certain type of controls over on migrants, most from eastern European countries and has started to amend UK governments immigration bill and believes that this is the first serious attempt by any party to combat the problems caused the immigrant movement within the EU.

euHis bill also uses measures targeting illegal immigrant and that bigger organizations hiring those from outside the EU must give an apprenticeship for their services.   The idea behind that is they must given them a “long term opportunity” and eliminating the ability to hire cheap labour.

However Yvette Cooper stated it will not address the exploitation that is currently taking place in the labour market. A statement we happen to agree with. Mr. Milibands, proposal does not address the bigger issues at hand.

Some for the other changes will be that new laws will be made to make it illegal for company’s to start programs that use foreign workers only.   This way it will be impossible for them to pay less then the minimum wage of 50,000.

The British Chamber of Commerce stepped in and denounced it because an apprentice tax was not where what they believed to be within the realm of reality.   After all, it would give local company’s a disadvantage when it comes to hiring, along with other issues I simply do not have the energy to address right now. We will have to save that one for another blog post.

However their still remains the issue that the UK government is failing to address the abusing of/exploitation of workers with lower skills compared to locals.  Another problem is that  they do not have any type solid plan to tackle illegal immigration.

Currently local workers need jobs more then ever. This just adds pressure to the cost of living for those that really needed.   Many employers will often take advantage and undercut wages. Truly unfair and a sad situation.   Worst yet, the government is doing little to address the issues at hand.

It is going to be very challenging to find a perfect balance to take immigrants into the UK and still give locals jobs. The only advice I can give off hand is to start educating yourself and use local educational outlets to advance your knowledge that you cannot be replaced.

Many are taking advantage of the system, but their still many others who do not use the system to their favor. For instance, if you obtained certain contracts and license  that someone from outside the UK you would be harder to be replaced and in returned be paid more. Educating  yourself is going to be the key in this turn of events.