Getting permits in New York is no joke, I just bought my first home here and had to conduct some minor repairs.   Especially when it comes to marine construction and bulkheads, you can look forward paying for a number of permits.  In NY’s most southern location, Long island there is a huge issue. Mainly that majority of the land mass is located in a flood zone. During the past few hurricanes, such as hurricane sandy, many home owners experience guess what, flooding. Even homes that were located miles down the road were affected.

The first thing you are probably wondering is what is a bulkhead or seawall? In my case, I even needed them for bulkhead repair long island. Who would of thought I had to go though so much trouble for a repair?

Let’s go into what you’ll need based on my experience. In short, homes that are located on the water need a “wall” or bulkhead to help do two things:

Prevent your property from erosion: For example you do not want your home or land to slowly fall into the water. This, over time, would greatly diminish the value of the home.

The next is flood control: As you may have guessed, water flowing into your home is a bad thing. One of the ways to prevent these types of floods is to increase the elevation of your bulkhead.  During extreme flooding, your home will likely be protected.   What most do not know is that you can only raise the bulkhead 18.”  It is possible, but very unlikely you can raise it higher.

How much do they cost?

Well, that depends on how work needs to be done and what you plain on building. For instance if you need 100’ of bulkhead, as opposed to 30’ of bulkhead,  the 100’ will cost A LOT more. Longer piece of property require more work and will cost more. You have to contact a local dock builder and ask them the current rate.


You also have to look at what will be built. For example a home that requires a pier to reach the proper depth for mooring will cost more.


When do you need permits.

Pretty much always. Lots of different agencies regulate the construction of these types of projects. They are fairly costly and are nothing like getting permits for other types of structures. Expect it to be a long and lengthy process.  You will have to submit engineering drawings and all the proper paper work, mentally prepare yourself to get 3-5 permits for this type of project.

Dock builders won’t call you back?

Most likely they are not calling you back because the majority of Long Island is REALLY backed up the time this blog post was written.  If that is the case, I suggest you give My Dr Dock a call. We can only recommend that you remain persistent and get permits first. Doing so will move the project along in a timely matter and show the dock builders you are serious. They are very busy and do not wish to have their time wasted.

 How much fun is the process?

Between dock builders not calling you back and the amount of paperwork you’ll need, good luck lol. This was very frustrating and thankfully I found a great “permit guy” to help me though the process.