Despite this blog often speaking about the issues with immigrants coming over from Eastern Europe to the Uk to work for undercut wages, I must say, some of these bloks come from some pretty nice places!   For this years holiday I decided to take a trip over to Crostia.

This country is absolutely stunning. Beautifully  located right on the Adriaca sea. Sharing a boarder with Italy you can expect to see a lot of the same things, for a fraction of the price.    Although the food is a bit different than Italy, it is still a must see place with some tasty treats.


What can you do in Croatia?


Dive dive dive!

For starters, the diving is amazing. I have been an amature Scuba diver for years now and I cannot get enough of the sea. The water has very clear visibility and saw some really cool fish.


Go Sailing! 

If you aren’t in the “know,”Croatia is a wonder place to visit for its seaside attractions. We rented a sailboat for 1 day and it was just very nice, went fishing, and just took in the son. Something we do not often get to do in England…


See ancient cities:

Another day we actually had to sail to get to this place. Korcula Old City is an amazing place to visit with lots to see.   The views are to die for and you won’t want to leave. Breath taking.



For the first time ever I got to try Windsurfing. I though my going suring (and failing) twice would help out, but boy was I wrong. It was grand time, but I can’t windsurf to save my life. Still it was fun and I would recommend you give it a go.



Not into the sea? 

Hop onto a bike and ride around. The cities are absolutely lovely and have lots of old sites to check out. Lonely planet called it an “toned down Tuscany.”  Which to this writer, is a good thing.


Site see site see site see:

This is a wonderful place to visit with great food and interesting places to see. You’ll go home with a camera full of photos and remember the trip for the rest of your life. I personally cannot wait to go back.