Wow. I had a really good time and I experienced a few things I never thought possible and it was a Camo wedding….. Yes, my friends back in the UK might think less of me for attending such an affair. Regardless I have to admit I had a wonderful time.



How did you end up in one of those?

The first thing that you are probably wondering is how I ended up in this situation. Well, my new brother in law is from the United States, Texas to be exact.   I’m sure you will not be shocked to hear this, but he is from a long line of hunters and outdoors men.

They had the main event here in London, but the majority of his family could not make it to the wedding here. This was a fairly stranded and expensive wedding. For the sake of having  a little bit of fun, my sister and him decided to do things the “redneck” way and have a budgeted camo affair.


Is it really strange?

Was it weird? Well, it wasn’t normal. I’ve been to a wedding where the grooms farther brought a shotgun to the wedding.  Many cousins had cross bows, all suits also had a camo type style to them. It was a lot of fun and really different, mainly because it was so relaxed and outside. It was more like normal people getting together to have a good time.

What did the bride wear?

As you may have guessed, the bride also had a bit of camo in her dress. It was half white and half camo, truly unique. Frankly I was shocked about this one, I just assumed my sister would wear the same dress she was married in the UK. Nope, she was fully into the theme and held nothing back.

What about the Wedding bands?

This was truly amusing. Despite having “average” bands back home, they went full in. They bought Camo wedding rings for men from Your Camo Wedding which I absolutely loved!!   I found them very cute and I can actually see my brother in law wearing it around time.


Would do have my own wedding?

Not to sure about that. But I think theme weddings will become more popular as time goes on.   I’m not too sure what category of wedding I would jump into, but I can see myself doing something fun. After a while you go to so many of these types of events,  that it seems like the same thing over and over. This was a good way to mix things up.

Just amazing!

I couldn’t wait to get back home and share this blog post with my readers. I am very happy for my sister and welcome my new brother to the family.   I love them very much and I have to thank them for the experience.