One of my greatest nightmares was realizing that I have a bedbug infestation in my house. If you have ever had bed bags colonizing your home territory then you will understand how unbearable it can be. Bedbugs are not like any other bugs; these ones are quite persistent and very uncomfortable to live with. Sometime you might prefer to deal with a rat or a house flea than a bedbug, well am not really advocating an alternative pest infection but the fact is bedbugs don’t just get sprayed out by one tin of insecticide like mosquitoes.

You can literally spray one, two or more tins of insecticide in a room fully infested by bed bags and in 3 days you will be dealing with a bigger number of the bugs than before. For me it was a life changing lesson when dealing with the greatest bug infestation of my entire life.


It started with this severe scratch on my hand and neck and all over sudden am feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin. It was like there was something moving on and under my skin every time and I was trying to rub it off but I couldn’t. Worse of yet I could not see it. I hated the idea of being uncomfortable in my own skin. It was until when I went to shower one morning and check around my hand and body and found out that I had a noticeable pattern of red spots where I had scratched over a one week period. Well it quite strange for a girl to have such scratches and for most ladies out there this would not only terrify you but would bring suspicion to every item in your entire house including bedding, clothing’s, foods you ate last, friend that have co9me around or someone you torch or the cosmetics you use. I did a cross check on all these things but never got what exactly was wrong with me. I went to a clinic for a medical check for any food allergies and it there when was given the worst news of my entire life, “you got bedbugs in your house”. This was not only shocking but was mind rattling and scarily when the doctor added that they are in large numbers too. Bedbugs multiply very first hence become a colony very easily hence I discovered mine too late. I was afraid to go to my own house because here, i am not dealing with visible insect but nocturnals that only come out at night to drink my blood like vampires.

Before coming out from my doctor’s appointment, the doctor recommend a complete extermination from Pest Control Company I felt it might be a bit costly to do that but with further advise for my friend I learnt that with bed bugs you need real expertise to help you with the extermination. Bed bugs don’t just get exterminated by one tin of insecticide. I learn this when I contacted a Pest Control Company whose main office is in Rochester NY to exterminate the bugs and from the practical work done that day I understood that bedbugs need experts to get rid of them. They too each and every item in the house and checked it for bedbugs piece by piece. They sprayed every Conner every dark crack that I dint even knows it existed. They were very thorough and effective and according to their advice they, one need such experience companies to deal with a bed bug situation.

Well it took me a while to get over the prolonged nightmare but thanks to the Pest Control Company I was able to get back to my house in a weeks’ time after the extermination.