My name is Sandy Andrews, I used to blog passionately about immigration reform and I decided this blog needs to promote a new message and focus on news outside the realm of immigration.  I personally take great interest in travel, current events, and of course immigration. My blog will represent all these things.

Sandy AndrewsYou might be asking yourself, why would this blog take such a dramatic change? The answer is simple, I used to be a Lawyer who was consumed with work and I thought I knew what best for the world. As years of working 60-70 hour weeks, I decided something had to be different.   I become a political activist for children in 3rd world countires who needed better access to health care and education. That is when everything changed.

Now I blog about everything I feel will make a different in the world. Even if that means taking a break, going away, and tell you about it 😉

With the change in my personally came a change to this blog. Which is why I decided to call it CAIC World News. 

I hope you find the information in the blog useful and learn a thing or two.  Feel free to contact me to guest post and to ask a question or two.

Cheers ~