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My Bedbug and Pest Control Nightmare

One of my greatest nightmares was realizing that I have a bedbug infestation in my house. If you have ever had bed bags colonizing your home territory then you will understand how unbearable it can be. Bedbugs are not like any other bugs; these ones are quite persistent and very uncomfortable to live with. Sometime you might prefer to deal with a rat or a house flea than a bedbug, well am not really advocating an alternative pest infection but the fact is bedbugs don’t just get sprayed out by one tin of insecticide like mosquitoes.

You can literally spray one, two or more tins of insecticide in a room fully infested by bed bags and in 3 days you will be dealing with a bigger number of the bugs than before. For me it was a life changing lesson when dealing with the greatest bug infestation of my entire life.


It started with this severe scratch on my hand and neck and all over sudden am feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin. It was like there was something moving on and under my skin every time and I was trying to rub it off but I couldn’t. Worse of yet I could not see it. I hated the idea of being uncomfortable in my own skin. It was until when I went to shower one morning and check around my hand and body and found out that I had a noticeable pattern of red spots where I had scratched over a one week period. Well it quite strange for a girl to have such scratches and for most ladies out there this would not only terrify you but would bring suspicion to every item in your entire house including bedding, clothing’s, foods you ate last, friend that have co9me around or someone you torch or the cosmetics you use. I did a cross check on all these things but never got what exactly was wrong with me. I went to a clinic for a medical check for any food allergies and it there when was given the worst news of my entire life, “you got bedbugs in your house”. This was not only shocking but was mind rattling and scarily when the doctor added that they are in large numbers too. Bedbugs multiply very first hence become a colony very easily hence I discovered mine too late. I was afraid to go to my own house because here, i am not dealing with visible insect but nocturnals that only come out at night to drink my blood like vampires.

Before coming out from my doctor’s appointment, the doctor recommend a complete extermination from Pest Control Company I felt it might be a bit costly to do that but with further advise for my friend I learnt that with bed bugs you need real expertise to help you with the extermination. Bed bugs don’t just get exterminated by one tin of insecticide. I learn this when I contacted a Pest Control Company whose main office is in Rochester NY to exterminate the bugs and from the practical work done that day I understood that bedbugs need experts to get rid of them. They too each and every item in the house and checked it for bedbugs piece by piece. They sprayed every Conner every dark crack that I dint even knows it existed. They were very thorough and effective and according to their advice they, one need such experience companies to deal with a bed bug situation.

Well it took me a while to get over the prolonged nightmare but thanks to the Pest Control Company I was able to get back to my house in a weeks’ time after the extermination.


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How UK Mommy Sharpens Her Knives & Cooks

As a mother, I decided it was time to take advantage to take advantage of mothers day and buy myself a number of new gifts “from my children.” Of course they didn’t pay for them, I just decided to take advantage of the situation and get mommy a few new things.

Anywho, this is what I decided to buy and I wanted to share it with you guys and gals.

Non Stick frying pan (trust me you need it!)

I really need a few new pans. With 3 kids, doing the dishes is a lot of work. Finally this time around I decided to invest in a non stick frying pan.  I have to say it has been wonderful, it is so much easier to clean and the food comes out that much nicer. Think about it, who wants to eat food that has been scrapped off a frying pan?frying pan

Crock Pot  (Cook when you’re not even home!)

Holy cow, I had no idea how useful these things are. It basically slow cooks ANYTHING you want. I’ve even been making ribs for my husband. The best part is, since it cooks all day, anything you make comes out really good. Take the ribs for example, the meat just falls off the bone.  Since they have to cook for at least 8 hours, the BBQ sauce just soaks right into them. Really tasty!!

It is not just limited to meat, I make all kinds of soups and sews in them. I never thought I would ever have the chance to reuse my Grandmothers old recipes.   I have to say, this makes them taste even better than I remember!

The best part is that since they cook on such a low setting, you don’t have to watch it all day. I’ll do things like pick up my kids from soccer practice or do some food shopping. Some complain they don’t feel save leaving it on, but I’ve never had any problems. Plus, it doesn’t get that hot.

Electric Knife Sharpener (Just too good to be true!)

As you can image, I do a lot of chopping. I like to make sure my kids get lots of vegetables in their diet.  This means every day I have to spend at least 20-30 minutes cutting away at all types of fruits and veggies. It is not fun, but I love my kids and I want to be healthy.  I suggest you take some time and try to find the best knife sharpener for your needs.  The extra time you spend shopping will really be worth it.

kitchen knife sharpnerI honestly didn’t know how dull my blades were until I went over one of my friend’s house. Once she introduced me to her electric sharpener, I just had to buy one the next day.   Now all my knives are nice and sharp and it makes cutting so much easier. Now all my knives slice right though the toughest meat and chop any fruit or veggie to pieces. I don’t think I could ever go back to using a dull blade after this. Really worth the investment.

That’s all folks!

These are the three things I highly recommend you get for your kitchen, especially if you have kids. If you are only going to get one of the three, I would suggest you get the crock pot. I would say that it is the biggest time saver for me, plus I get to feed my kids great tasting home cooked meals.

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Fun with Bulkhead Repair Long Island…

Getting permits in New York is no joke, I just bought my first home here and had to conduct some minor repairs.   Especially when it comes to marine construction and bulkheads, you can look forward paying for a number of permits.  In NY’s most southern location, Long island there is a huge issue. Mainly that majority of the land mass is located in a flood zone. During the past few hurricanes, such as hurricane sandy, many home owners experience guess what, flooding. Even homes that were located miles down the road were affected.

The first thing you are probably wondering is what is a bulkhead or seawall? In my case, I even needed them for bulkhead repair long island. Who would of thought I had to go though so much trouble for a repair?

Let’s go into what you’ll need based on my experience. In short, homes that are located on the water need a “wall” or bulkhead to help do two things:

Prevent your property from erosion: For example you do not want your home or land to slowly fall into the water. This, over time, would greatly diminish the value of the home.

The next is flood control: As you may have guessed, water flowing into your home is a bad thing. One of the ways to prevent these types of floods is to increase the elevation of your bulkhead.  During extreme flooding, your home will likely be protected.   What most do not know is that you can only raise the bulkhead 18.”  It is possible, but very unlikely you can raise it higher.

How much do they cost?

Well, that depends on how work needs to be done and what you plain on building. For instance if you need 100’ of bulkhead, as opposed to 30’ of bulkhead,  the 100’ will cost A LOT more. Longer piece of property require more work and will cost more. You have to contact a local dock builder and ask them the current rate.


You also have to look at what will be built. For example a home that requires a pier to reach the proper depth for mooring will cost more.


When do you need permits.

Pretty much always. Lots of different agencies regulate the construction of these types of projects. They are fairly costly and are nothing like getting permits for other types of structures. Expect it to be a long and lengthy process.  You will have to submit engineering drawings and all the proper paper work, mentally prepare yourself to get 3-5 permits for this type of project.

Dock builders won’t call you back?

Most likely they are not calling you back because the majority of Long Island is REALLY backed up the time this blog post was written.  If that is the case, I suggest you give My Dr Dock a call. We can only recommend that you remain persistent and get permits first. Doing so will move the project along in a timely matter and show the dock builders you are serious. They are very busy and do not wish to have their time wasted.

 How much fun is the process?

Between dock builders not calling you back and the amount of paperwork you’ll need, good luck lol. This was very frustrating and thankfully I found a great “permit guy” to help me though the process.


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My Camo Travels In the United States…

My Camo Travels In the United States…

Wow. I had a really good time and I experienced a few things I never thought possible and it was a Camo wedding….. Yes, my friends back in the UK might think less of me for attending such an affair. Regardless I have to admit I had a wonderful time.



How did you end up in one of those?

The first thing that you are probably wondering is how I ended up in this situation. Well, my new brother in law is from the United States, Texas to be exact.   I’m sure you will not be shocked to hear this, but he is from a long line of hunters and outdoors men.

They had the main event here in London, but the majority of his family could not make it to the wedding here. This was a fairly stranded and expensive wedding. For the sake of having  a little bit of fun, my sister and him decided to do things the “redneck” way and have a budgeted camo affair.


Is it really strange?

Was it weird? Well, it wasn’t normal. I’ve been to a wedding where the grooms farther brought a shotgun to the wedding.  Many cousins had cross bows, all suits also had a camo type style to them. It was a lot of fun and really different, mainly because it was so relaxed and outside. It was more like normal people getting together to have a good time.

What did the bride wear?

As you may have guessed, the bride also had a bit of camo in her dress. It was half white and half camo, truly unique. Frankly I was shocked about this one, I just assumed my sister would wear the same dress she was married in the UK. Nope, she was fully into the theme and held nothing back.

What about the Wedding bands?

This was truly amusing. Despite having “average” bands back home, they went full in. They bought Camo wedding rings for men from Your Camo Wedding which I absolutely loved!!   I found them very cute and I can actually see my brother in law wearing it around time.


Would do have my own wedding?

Not to sure about that. But I think theme weddings will become more popular as time goes on.   I’m not too sure what category of wedding I would jump into, but I can see myself doing something fun. After a while you go to so many of these types of events,  that it seems like the same thing over and over. This was a good way to mix things up.

Just amazing!

I couldn’t wait to get back home and share this blog post with my readers. I am very happy for my sister and welcome my new brother to the family.   I love them very much and I have to thank them for the experience.

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We failed to find Travyvon?

We failed to find Travyvon?

For almost a year and half, we’ve been intermittently inundated with excess commentary on the shooting of Florida teenager Travyvon Martin by Neighborhood Watch vigilante George Zimmerman.

From an outsider’s viewpoint and also from the perspective of a European journalist, the American media’s role in the judicial proceedings of the case has seemed to be both invasive and hysterical at times, calling on the opinions of commentators and with little to no knowledge of the finer points of the case or legal expertise.z

Perspectives have been thrown around (and continue to do so) not based on factual and dicerning of truth and credibility but moreso on pre-existing ideals and sociological standpoints and the US media have enabled this by regocnizing continued reporting on the shooting of Trayvon Martin can give a large number of people an opportunity to identify their own personal standpoints by taking either one side or the other in the trial of George Zimmerman.

Some of the relevent questions that have arisen:

1) Should the Zimmerman trial and the shooting of Trayvon Martin have been strictly portrayed as a racial conflict by the media? Or should focus have been put on other social or legislative elements too?

2) Did the lack of expert voices commenting on proceedings since February 26th 2012 lead the story down the path of sensationalism as opposed to putting a focus on legitimate criminal justice?

3) Are Americans happy to forego having an effective and contained criminal justice system in favour of having a circus-like media platform where the symbolism in a story is more important than the cold hard facts of an unfolding news event?

4) Should the media commentary have been geared to talk more about gun legislation than racial stereotyping and left the details of the case to be processed in a closed court of law?

5) What is it about this case that has caused such indignation and outrage in many Americans and sparked the possibility of race riots? Has it been an active intention of the media to martyrize one singular story to underline points of conflict in the general populace?

6) Why hasn’t the story of Marissa Alexander gained the same amount of trajectory of the Zimmerman trial? She has been in a Florida jail since 2010 awaiting a mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Because it doesn’t stir conflict and is not a black and white issue, so to speak, The Stand Your Ground law was applied to acquit Zimmerman where it wasn’t considered relevant in the case of Alexander, who simply fired warning shots and didn’t kill anyone- namely an abusive former partner who had been directly threatening her at the time of the incident.

 Zimmerman may be officially not guilty. But Florida is. You can certainly blame the state’s laws for Trayvon Martin’s death and the national media for failing to instigate intelligent and expert discourse on the lead up to the case’s outcome.

Who write this article?

Marianne Petit is a blogger and freelance journalist from Toulouse, France. She likes to write about arts and culture, world politics and media convergence. She is a former student at Paris Institute of Political Science. 

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US Government leaks?

US Government leaks?

Leaking of government secrets or what is called classified information can be very dangerous and disastrous for the government and the country as a whole. This danger might include hostility from other nations and even planned attacks. This is what the US is facing after the leaks from Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden is a whistleblower who leaked classified information about the U.S. Government. This information has caused a lot of uproar because it talks about the plans and the view that the US government has over other world countries.

Terrorist attacks.

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